Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why "Cooperative Polygraphy" is a Community classic

I love that Dan Harmon is back at the helm of Community.  He has a solid grasp of these characters and ideas.  Yes, folks, TV can be an auteur art-form too.  Now, as much as I love when Harmon pops out a "theme" episode, like last week's Zodiac parody, it is also nice when Community does a solid character piece. This week's episode is a character masterpiece.  It is another pint-sized "bottle episode," like previous the "who stole the pen" episode.  It is nice to see these characters re-connect to some of the basic themes from early in show, even if the plot device concerning Troy's future was a bit much.  I hate to see Troy go, but he was always the closest to Pierce, so I guess it kind of works.

Honestly, it is kind of amazing that Community is on TV all. NOBODY watches this show. Its ratings are puny.  NBC just has nothing else in the hopper that can match Community's  tiny-but-loyal viewership.  The show might even get "six seasons and a movie." On the other hand, this short-order season might be the end. Either way, I am happy to spend this time with the study-group.  Harmon is back, and Community  is good again.

Oh, and, yeah, Walter mo-fo-ing Goggins!

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