Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why This Space?

As I fail to keep time in a bottle and my summer babes become winter babes, I noticed that I consume a ton of popular (and non-popular) culture, but it often just flies by. I see a movie, think about it, and see another. Soon I cannot remember if Amy Adams was scissoring someone in American Hustle, or was that in some other movie?   Top of the Lake, The Fall, Broadchurch, Hit or Miss ... all really good BBC TV shows that kind of blend together in my head.  (Top of the Lake is the best one, but they are all good.)  By the end of the year I forgot how much I liked Orphan is the New Black. Oh, wait, I mean Orphan Black.  (And, for that matter, Orange is the New Black.) Damn, Under the Dome was shitty. Man, that My Bloody Valentine record was great. So was Drake's.  I loved The Interestings, barely remember Gone Girl, misunderstood Alice Munro, read Saunders too quickly, and so etc.  Why am I watching Walking Dead?  I don't know.

Anyway, here, I hope to quickly jot down my thoughts on things as I experience them. I do not aim to be too thoughtful, unless I sit down and decide to right a kind of "think piece."  But since I am pretty lazy, that might not happen at all.

So, this place is for me to keep track of stuff.  The entries will be short. They will try to be my thoughts before  read anybody's else's thoughts.  But this place is mostly for me. I'd like to remember, say, that I thought You're Next was pretty neat, and why.  (It was pretty neat, right?)  Why did I hate Gravity?  Why did I hate Life of Pi?  Why did I love Kacey Musgraves?  Haim?  Or whatever.

If others dig what I say, great. If not... delete it when I die.  :)


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