Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Lake Bell is amazing...

Ok, so, first I have to discuss the Vero connection.  Ms. Bell lived in Vero Beach for a while.  I went to high school in Vero and normally I hate basically anything connected with Vero. (The obvious exception is The Dodgers.)  Despite this depth of hate, I must admit I am kind of smitten with Lake Bell.

I really loved Bell's In a World.  The indie gem takes place inside the world of voice-actors, specifically concerning the actors who do the voice-overs in movie trailers.  ("In a world where blah blah blah.") I love movies that examine little communities and their inner workings.  In a World hits this sweet spot.  It also is a lovely romance, exploring relationships both old and new.  It was a joy. As a bonus, the movie contained two of my favorite movie-kisses ever: one funny, one really sweet.  Sure, the resolution is a little hackish, but I was invested enough to not care.  Watch this little movie.

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