Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why the new Coen brothers movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, is a nice-looking waste of time

I am a faithful Coen Brothers fan. I have seen all of their films, and I count Miller's Crossing, Fago, and No Country for Old Men among my favorites movies ever.  This film is strange and off-putting.  The lead character, Llewyn Davis, is a pre-Dylan folk singer in Greenwich Village.  Davis is a loser and kind of a jerk.  He makes couch surfing a lifestyle.

Davis does bad stuff.  Then does more bad stuff.  Then he sings. Then he does more bad stuff.  The character never changes and never develops.  He is the same person at the start of movie as the end.  What are Coens saying? We can't change?  I get enough of that bullshit on Mad Men; I dont need more of it here. Of course, the film looks good.  It is the Coen brothers after all. But I dont know why I watched this movie.

There was also a magical symbolic cat, or something.

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